The Blogging Oracle

Peer into oracles at your own risk.
Visions that seep deep may be startling.

Good, evil constantly change and evolve.
Destiny, fate come smashing into cause and effect.

Faith, philosophy, collides and truth stretches into a singularity.

Never have we been so close to the apocalypse.

Our awareness compels us to intercede and survive.

                  Blog moment

Why was man chosen to stand upright on his two front feet?
Will our voice box evolve more sounds, that speech expanse leads to higher reasoning?
Will our skull cavity keep expanding?
Will Homo sapiens evolve to another species?
If procreation be forthcoming from either gender would one annihilate the other?
Will there ever be more than one species competing to rule this planet?
Will we ever be thought of as food?
Will jazz still be heard?
Will we still enjoy sunsets?
Will death and taxes still be with us?
Will we evolve into devils or angels?
Will we ever return to paradise lost?
Will we all get along with God?
Will we miss being human?
Will we ever know which religion is the right one? 
Can religious leaders admit God favors telepathy in any language?
Will we ever compromise which side of the egg to crack?
Will the pantheon ever have a come back?
Will idol worshiping be safer than terrorism?
Will androids ever fight for bionic suffrage?
Who will watch over us ... God, Gods or Big Brother? 
Can Satan be rehabilitated by atheists? 
Can we save our planet with good stewardship?
Can the rapture be captured on CNN? 
Will the arts always be an integral part of human evolution?

            Poetic Universe 

  It is a time of poetic revelation.
Truth can be fleeting independent of any millennium.
For this, my philosophic views focus on the big question.
Who and what are we, is what I reason with.
The attributes of humans and all life it’s self.

  If we are nothing but mathematic formulas, mathematicians would never revel.
If we are all blocks, no child would play with us.
If we are all inhuman, no poetry would inspire.
We are more than a sector.
We are the bits and pieces that sit on stools asking why.
We are the breed so profound in invention that we need to balance truth and faith.

  People are nervous about uncertainty, they fear the unknown. They feel detached from notions of change, quest for "why" has always influenced society.
Humanity generally doesn't rush into paradise, nor hell is free parking for suicides. Could death be the ever lasting deep sleep or an incubation for things to come? 
Transpire; exit entrance pathway profound in still rest and hope joy is for those who haven't left.

  Most humans find total oblivion intolerable after death.
We want to believe death covers immortality insurance.
That we are so important there must be an ever-lasting place or recall. True rewards are a matter of definition, supposition of forever. Within our physical/spiritual being, we try to bridge the epiphany of perfection.

  To be a micro entity in an infinite universe begs the macro question. What is the matter with matter?
Who created the Big Bang supposedly a super colossal Black Hole or a superheated-dense radical atom?
Who created what and the before? “Before” is a concept that we do not have the capacity to comprehend in our dimensional reality. Before, maybe a closed returning circle or it may be an open forever multi dimensional creation. It is a paradox, immeasurable beyond the birth of our universe. Before is in our language and may not exist in another sphere of communication. If you prefer God as an answer, then its fair to ask why is his garden suffering so. Did he leave us in charge? Did he give up on us? Is he on vacation? Is he alive? Perhaps we are in a continuum of evolving universes. There are radio wave trails from the big bang. We now believe that the universe with different temperatures wasn't static.
We haven't fully explained the shape and mass of our expanding universe. Thus, poets expand too.

  However what was before may seem like a swap loop E=M where there is no temporal of C to be squared or C = Super C. Meaning perhaps a super luminous universe could exist. Energy and matter can swap and the constant of light is an inverse, or perhaps light might behave more than a particle and wave. 

  Hence something less dense than the vacuum of space accelerating light to faster speeds. That (tachyon) Super luminous light speed could never slow down to Einstein’s Constant -regular light speed. Relativity would be so different it would not apply likewise in another dimension. To say the transverse of past, present, future, going on simultaneously within a very different form of physics. To be all invokes death is non existent and existence folds in super change time. Multi Universe String Theory may have collided. Super matter and energy matter interact and some form of inverse gravity may have compensated for that dimension-clock melt. The absolute constant of time, place and dimensional travel might have had an instable life cycle. Are we the remnants of a super universal porthole or even converge of multiple anomalies?
If space-time could fold, we may have new traffic. Created in his image or breed as bacteria for the gods invites the muse.

  Whether a super being is a player or not is forever argument. Who is to say its masculine, feminine, both or asexual super intelligent energy? Has he changed in any way? Dose he still want us to multiply, are there more of his image somewhere else? If so, how do we compare and rate? We might be the rejected universe a creator tossed away. I don't think of being lost in space expanding in my big fat curved vacuum. Somewhat cool going at awesome speeds which we can't feel the breeze. Gravity has its moments and so do poets.

  How could vanity exist in Heaven the absolute bliss of perfection? Has war no boundaries in paradise? Satan booted to hell 
and humanity chased out of Eden. Yet that damn popup devil still propagates sin. 
The concept of the fall, hell and the ability to evoke its powers seems far-fetched. Some folks believe in superpowers, miracles, and supernatural communication. I do not. Nor do I think any cult carries credence. Therefore, it may seem odd that I respect individual beliefs. Simply because of three major reasons: American Revolution, American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I embrace it in my center. No other country has this and for the first time in history of the world written law protected peoples property and rights. For that, I have the right to expand and explore since others paid dearly with there lives. Yet even though as good as our law gets there was a flaw. Humans are not flawless. Never the less we can change, and for now, we share that constant of change with everything in our planet.

  Humanity multiplies and wanders about suffering and then dies. If man is lucky he pays more taxes remarries a few times eats more cholesterol and then his kids dump him in a nursing home. On top of that depending who is keeping the religious score "F" equals Hell, or some place were you peel potatoes for eternity. Various faiths compete for converts and passing grades seems to be intangible with any other ideology. 
I do not favor suffering for the sake of tests.
I find it difficult to blame God for the agony that follows all life. Thus I reject the notion of Genesis. Evolution seems more plausible.

  Humans could not have evolved in any other age except the mammalian time line. The human brain needed time for speech and reasoning development. After that, it could create all the beauty and chaos it chose. The very idea of humans not evolving from a superior entity disturbs our vanity. Never the less I find nothing wrong about being top animal of the pecking order. Humanity stretches and compresses its DNA. In special cases, it mutates for better or worse. Evolution is never lost it just modifies. I do not take it on faith that the Genesis is creation. Yet I wonder if there was something like that on the far corner of the universe. Most people would not like to believe our solar system including earth was an accident. It would seem sad after seven days of creation, such achievements, and now we are close to extinction. Prophecy offers pessimism but I take the notion we can change it.

  We are the only species on our planet that acknowledges its awareness. We know this from our arts. For that reason are own awareness impedes us to take responsibility and intercede. Yes, lovers of life can stop an Apocalypse before the fail-safe point.

  Definitions are useless for infinite issues. Life is so complex it requires tremendous effort to know its bits and pieces. Contrast is a good method to shed its attributes for examination. Through the contrast of attributes, things reveal parts of the whole. Parts correlated with instincts, values, behavior, and environment constitute the uniqueness. However if you play the argument of faith VS fact, deep down the road of proof both will at some point intersect as truth. Regardless, truth is in the adaptation of language and may not always be static.

The word perfection is subjective yet often misunderstood as absolute 100% truth. For I believe imperfection is the catalyst of perfection and no absolute amount can exist. Imperfection is change: a (random) constant DNA stretching/pulsing force that delivers genetic probability of diversification.
It is neither absence of faith or luck that deserves punishment; which birth defect or, sexual orientation differs from the norm. Master scheme forces reform, this is the norm of diversification.  

  All kinds of goodies created by us; Electronics, PCs, HDTV and those Nano gadgets punctuated into a new tech society including dial-a-prayer echo heavens dish, miracles on credit. Batteries dissipate there energy but is it still out there in some retrievable force? The same can be asked about us. What is the matter about our matter? Can we harness our passing life force into an energy piggy bank for later use? Are we talking tree of life or vanity needs a constant current of certainty? One fall was enough. New arts might replace Michelangelo's God connecting to man. Just as long as vacuum cleaners never learn to clean us out of our humanity will still be mimicking power. 

  So imagine what it would be like if there was no more poetry. Humans disappear; the jungle recycles, and waits for the reinvention of the wheel. Will the ferocity of feeders engage as before or will another asteroid and or super volcanic explosion be tossed into the equation? If there is a second time, I hope poetry will exhale on a higher form of transcending bliss. I wonder what extent of good and evil will evolve. Poetry People Universe Heaven God it’s all so complicated. If it all were simple there would never be a word called simple. If you feel strong about your faith then keep them. I just don't want to remove the word "Why," for it is not heresy to ask, it is the right of language. So let us endure the inane pretense and bypass the pragmatic rhetoric.
Set to; observe, examine, philosophize, test and debunk until false vapors out. Journey through the endless odyssey, postulate till we are no more
Not to fret it takes time to put things in proper perspective but that’s what poets do.

                                  ~ ~ ~